Music Connection, "Unsigned Artist: Debris Of Titan" (2015): 
             -" Did this duo stumble upon an unexploded acid bomb from Woodstock and willfully
OD on it to give us a modern-edged take on psychedelia? We like all the deep space echo and trippy sonics that are invested in these densely arranged recordings. Love, love, love is the theme of “Anime,” all aswirl in sunrays and the shiny-happy voices of friends going on a, ahem, trip together. “Where’d It All Go” showcases stellar musicianship, especially the electric bass lines that make an impact amid a busy track. The languid instro, “Sleep with Me,” emits a lulling, oceanic sway that, after all the lysergic overdrive, acts as an ideal sleepytime sedative. We suggest simplifying—sift through the Debris and use only the choicest elements.​"

N E W S F E E D​
R e c e n t  P o s t s

Howl & Echoes, "Anime" (2015): 
             -" One of the stranger tracks on this week’s playlist, this is an interesting track that’s partially psychedelic, partially experimental, and wholly interesting. Managing to somehow feel both vintage and futuristic, it’s like if Animal Collective and Tame Impala took acid and had a sunny, funky, lo-fi baby. Sprawling, trippy and a whole lot of a fun, you can really get lost in between dimensions on this one.​"