Debris of Titan  is a duo & musical collective led by Nova and Fox consisting of members who participate in selective recorded & live material as well as having personal projects of their own. 


Debris of Titan was founded by Nova (Winston I. Dunlop III), Fox (Michael Diaz) and Crow (Cooper Charles Casiano). After the disbandment of Retro Lake they re-established themselves with new daring and experimental sounds.  After 2 E.Ps & the 1st album already recorded, doubts circled the band. Members were coming and going and with time being an issue, a natural separation started to steer core member Crow away from the band. Eventually all but Nova and Fox were left. With an incomplete 1st album and a core member gone, Nova and Fox decided to step up to the plate and took recording more seriously then they ever have before recording years of material with no release.


To figure out what they really wanted for themselves they explored other avenues of music and played with new people. After about a year of playing, recording and making music under the new name they developed a talented musical family with each member adding their own unique flavor to the Titan sound. These new members help with live shows, media, art, production and recording.


Through the years, Nova and Fox have had a mindset change on how they view and look at the world. Full exploration of the human mind is expressed and developed through their sound. Debris of Titan has many angles to share with the world.  Can you perceive them? 

© 2016 Debris Of Titan