( 2011  )

This album was the beginning of a long recording history between Nova and Fox. At the time it was only Nova, Fox, and early Debris Of Titan drummer Crow at the age of 15 in highschool. Their youthful spirit and drive to create brought this Psychedelic Alternative Pop album to life.


This album has strong influences from Pink Floyd all the way to The Strokes. They, (a bunch of teenagers with the direction of manager Winston I Dunlop II) showed what they had in their heads and spirit which was like no other considering their peers and the bond they shared. Confidence rained down on them until the pressures of school and youth came into play which unfortunately had the band scattered and unable to play shows or even practice.

( 2013 )

A year and a half later, the conceptualization began on the 2nd album for Retro Lake.In the later years of high-school the band dealt with more separation issues which had a strong influence on the way the songs were written and created/recorded. Most of the song writing was done by Nova due to Fox’s absence with contributions from the other Retro Lake members. This album was a total turn away from their first “A Side Of Two Worlds”. This record had a lot more psychedelic song structure rather then a poppy one. This album concluded the bands discography. 

( 2014 )

A compilation of singles the band released throughout the years. A package of all the known singles that were released  for convenience. These songs are the earliest known recorded songs by the band. 

Nova: guitar, synth, piano, bass, drums, vocals

Fox: Bass Vocals

Crow: Drums

( Jan. 29 2015 )

This E.P. is a collection of Early developed songs that were supposed to go on the original  album "Astron: The fallen" However with constructive criticism the members decided to remove songs from the album and write some new ones to put together an E.P. . Thus, "Sappy Seasons" was put together. The band felt it left room for new songs on their debut to develop the concepts more thoroughly. They also felt it would be a nice tribute to the history behind the track listing.
Nova: guitar, vocals, bass, keys

Fox: bass, vox

Crow: drums

( October 20, 2015 )

A compilation of songs ultimately leading up to D.O.T's debut. Ranging from wild freak folk to dreamy and progressive this E.P. gives a proper demonstration of what Nova and Fox can do outside their big recording projects.

Featured in the documentary
"We Are Still Here, The Taino Lives!" (2017)  by Director Ermelinda Cortes.

Nova: vocals, bass, guitar, drums, ukelele, keys

Fox: vocals, guitar, bass, keys 

( December 20, 2016 )

This E.P. was influenced by the interactions and involvement of Part time member Keith Poncho. During his brief installment in Debris Of Titan, they recorded a set of songs mostly together but inclusive to all 3 members. (Nova, Fox and Poncho).These songs have a bit of a classic rock feel but with modern dream folk pop twists which make it unique in the bands discography. The usual 6 tracks on a D.O.T.  e.p. expresses the individual talent and song writing style of each member.

Featured in the documentary "We Are Still Here, The Taino Lives!" (2017)  by Director Ermelinda Cortes.

Nova: guitar, vocals, bass, keys

Fox: bass, vox

Crow: drums

( August 3, 2017 )
This album represents where Nova and Fox came from in regards to their music palette. The depth that these group of songs create is other worldly compared to anything released previously. The Lush Guitar, Roaring bass and ever so smooth yet complex drums lead your ears through the conceptualized story the album emulates. Conveying the complexity in the stories narration, the vocals and lyrics bring you right into the mix as if your their overseeing whatever your imagination creates from the atmospheric sound scares. Extending over an hour, “Astron The Fallen” Embeds itself as an instant classic and personally loved piece in the art of music creation.

Fox: Bass, vox, keys, rhythm guitar 

Nova: Rhythm/lead guitar, vox, keys, drums, bass

Crow: Drums

( January 31, 2018 )

This Live style album shows a moment of instability within the bands mental state. While recording this, members were taking individual trips and coming back with messages of angst and frustration. The only message that was given with this random release was:

"In The most recent of times. We the people have grown to see the negative filters placed on society The imbalance of peace, wealth, and stability is beginning to shatter the infrastructure. 

Complacency has allowed the powers that be to rise above the law. For reasons only concerning personal gain. There is a need for outcry, for expression. Only now has it made itself prevalent again. Together, we can unveil the mask, Because when you allow your mind to expand past what you can see, feel ,and touch, will you then become one with yourself and the universe. 

The Sun Sets Down on Boulevard U.S.A is a part of this outcry, a documented journey of spontaneity, expression, brashness, and understanding. BOULEVARD is emotion. Being “broke” yet more fortunate than most. Having this 1st world concept of struggle. Having the weight of endless opportunity on our backs, yet feeling like we are put down. BOULEVARD is a coming to terms that we are ultimately in control. The “American dream” has become much more complex. With mass communication now available, we are all more familiar with what it could possibly entail. Its not just the American dream anymore . It is The dream. We’re Still underdogs, here to tell you that no matter what. If you have the means to do it, you can live it. We can all live it. This is but a small fraction of the journey. For it has just begun. "

Nova: Guitar, Vocals, Drums, Synth

Fox: Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Synth

Miki: Synth

Poncho: Guitar