Welcome to Chapter 1 of a 6 chapter series… 







These are the named. They are Demi-God like beings who were created by the death of an almighty GOD.  

In the beginning they established a set of rules titled “The Rule Of Titan” in order to create an equal progression of power within the world in which they existed. 

Becoming greater and figuring out the mechanical structure of what makes them exist, 

What boundaries could they breach in order to find purpose? 

To discover the meaning and depth of the reality that they perceive through their senses. 

A concept that fueled their prowess and distanced their relationships. 

The more they looked the deeper it got and one answer turned to many which drove them all to seperate. 

When they separated so did their worshipers which consisted of many different forms of life. 

ASTRON started to receive titles such as “The Fallen” or “The Demon” due to his obsessions and practices 

He is the only one known to break rules within “The Rule Of Titan”

By doing so, he is deemed unworthy, unstable and is considered “Fallen” by others.  


ASTRON: The Fallen 

The album takes place with the birth of Astra. 

Astron’s first creation. 

The birth of Astra alarms the rest of the named. 

Astron’s methods are undoubtedly controversial, but it’s his reasoning that causes strife between the remaining 5.   

They sense nothing but Danger from Astra. 

Creating life defines your presence in this realm , it marks your perpetual existence. 

ASTRON has been considered a threat to the meaning and existence of the entire 6. 

Marking Astra as an immediate hazard. 

An unknown boy with an immense amount of pressure to find his purpose.  

No knowledge of his past 

Different voices in his head 

Conversing, Arguing, Leading, Warning 

An omniscient philosophy paving the path for this young boy,  

Love for the loveless, 

For mercy to thyself is acceptance  

Acceptance of the truth, 

The truth behind Astra.

Upon Astra’s awakening, Two psychonauts encounter him and decide to assist and befriend the boy. 

Nova and Fox unknowingly get intermingled in the affairs and drama of these demi-gods for the fate of Astra fell upon their hands. 

And so the Journey Began 


Release Date: August 3, 2017 

Fox: Bass, vox, keys, rhythm guitar 

Nova: Rhythm/lead guitar, vox, keys, drums, bass 


Crow: Drums