Nova was born 1995 and raised in Middlehope, New York. He graduated from Marlboro High along with Fox and Yearns in 2013 and has been about music nearly his whole life. From making silly noises for humor to recording any bit of sound that could resemble or be used in a song, music was the path. One day Nova had the inspiration to become a musician and since Michael Diaz was one of his best friens, he asked him to join him as Fox alongside a bunch of other childhood friends. Out of the madness, immaturity and raw forms of amatuer musicians stood Nova and Fox. The only ones remaining to grow into the music makers they are today. Nova was inspired from music eras ranging from the 50s to the 2010s, as long as it appealed to his ears it would have an influence. Before Debris of Titan was formed Nova was a part of Retro Lake, a psychedelic pop/rock band consisting of himself Fox, Crow and Gazi . When it disbanded he decided to make Debris of Titan a duo project with Fox, now a collective of musicians whom he thought shared the same dream and had the light shine within them.

Fox was born and raised in Beacon, NY and started playing music around the age of 14 with Winston during high school. He picked up the bass while he played guitar and  started learning and playing their respective instruments together for a little while before they decided to form a band and have Coop learn drums and play along with them. Once all 3 of them started playing together that's when they started to structure more material and make songs for an album as Retro Lake. There was a time where his parents did not allow him to be in the band because they didn’t really support his musical endeavors. During this hiatus throughout his teens was when he started to pick up and learn different instruments instead of just bass. Listening to different artists to draw influence from so he could have more at his disposal and expand his palette. When they reformed as Debris of Titan thats when he started contributing a lot more songwriting and taking influence from his favorite artists . Ever since he has been writing material for Debris of Titan as well as his own as Fox, The Runner.

( N O V A,  T H E  L I O N )


//vox . guitar . synth . bass keys . recorder .melodica
percussion . drums

( F O X,  T H E  R U N N E R )


//vox. guitar. synth. bass
keys. percussion. flute

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