Sappy Seasons - Debris Of Titan


Recuperating from the disbandment of Retro Lake, this is the first E.P. under the name Debris of Titan (2015). Nova and Fox still traveled with lost brother Crow in this dreamy psychedelic exploration. Ironically during this period, Fox went missing in an effort to escape from his personal affairs. Nova and Crow then had to go on a search within the Forest of Ivory to rescue him. The forest, filled with disillusions and mental tribulations, made the remaining members go through internal trials in order to free themselves from the trippy forest. While filling in for Fox, Nova used the saturation of his guitars and the sadness of his words to triumph over the Forest while Crow used his beats and fills to guide the sounds out of the beautiful nightmare. When the voyage was over, Nova finishes up with final track "The Last Day" while Fox and Crow recover from their expedition early mark in Debris of Titan's history.